So..the story goes like this,

Do you remember the first days of the pandemic?

How weird it felt being locked, physically but mostly mentally…

In that strange new norm which we were forced to accept, during the Netflix and chill era, something snapped!

An “aha moment” happened right in the eye of the storm!

That “let’s do something now” vibe overwhelmed us!

Our Goal?

We want to reach out to all the guys and gals out there who are like us.

Who are not afraid to take risks, who can’t be restrained, who are not afraid to go against the norm.

The bold, the innovators, the funky, the crazy ones.

We want to create for them the ultimate food experience. Without compromises!

Was it the best time for this?

Is there a perfect time, or do we just have to make it happen?

Whatever the case, we were more than ready to turn this around and create something awesome.

And we did.

Cause that’s how it usually goes.

Innovation (or progress) happens only through disruption!


STREAT Changing the game.


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